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China Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited

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Private Funds

ChinaAMC(HK) is uniquely positioned in the market which enables it to leverage its extensive knowledge, research capabilities and investment experience in China to deliver a range of high-value asset management or investment advisory services to institutional clients worldwide. To bridge overseas investors with China opportunities, ChinaAMC (HK) is committed to utilize its local expertise to capture enormous investment potentials in China.

The private fund products issued and managed by ChinaAMC (HK) include Cayman Islands registered funds and Luxembourg domiciled SICAV funds*.

Browse through our website and discover our investment strategies. For private fund products information, please visit the product page by logging into your account.

* SICAV fund is an open-ended collective investment scheme common in Western Europe and may be open to public investors in certain European countries depending on its registration status.

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