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Investment Solution


Segregated Investment Account / Mandate

ChinaAMC (HK) provides tailor-made investment solution of asset management services for specific institutional clients and acts as investment manager of the client’s entrusted assets under the trusteeship of a custodian institution, and invests the entrusted assets with an aim to achieve client’s investment objectives. .

ChinaAMC (HK) firmly believes the philosophy of placing clients first and understanding clients’needs is the first and the most critical step to provide quality services tailored to specific institutional clients to pursue their wealth management goals with proper investment strategies.

ChinaAMC (HK) follows a strict investment process, seeking to generate superior long-term returns for investors. Our investment excellence is widely recognized and is evidenced by a number of industry awards received throughout the years, demonstrating ChinaAMC (HK) is at a leading position in the industry as an influential Chinese fund management company of the overseas market.

Investment Scope

                - Equity (long-only) 

                - Equity absolute return 

                - Fixed Income (China & Global) 

                - Alternative Investments (private equities) 

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